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at kiev business school and from washington, mihala acting director of the council's energy and environment program. jacob, is there much in the way of economic leverage at the u.s. holds in russia? >> cared to the e.u. in my opinion no. you like in europe, for instance, you could move to targeted freezes because a lot of russian least similar to what the former ukraine cocaine leadership had in europe, they had money inside the e.u. and that could be frozen. they don't have as far as i know much money in the u.s. so no, there isn't much. >> how is russia enmeshed in the economy of e.u. and europe more broadly? >> indeed, but the point is that the current situation isn't purely economic. when speaking just about the economy, western countries, european countries are interested in keeping close ties to russia in importing russian gas and exporting technology and investing into huge russian potential. but at the moment since last week we have geopolitical military situation and it prevails on economic. that is why european leaders change their minds and their statement become
by the russians, it has become more of a geopolitical issue. in that sense it raises the stakes in both energy prices and other risks. we might see energy prices go up. a good chunk of europe's gas supply come from russia. and if that is at risk, they could be cut off. >> when we talk about emerging markets many include russia in places where you can invest and get a very high return. iin the risk of that country suffers, they may pull back from the united states. we're talking about crimea who are holding a referendum for greater autonomy. it's a greater impact. i don't think the impact will be that great. >> there is the ethical, moral issues involved whether or not they should help the ukraine. but as far as the economic connection, you think its simpler? >> i think if the intention thes flare-up between russia and u.s. and they're start to go, and they're pushed into a corner by the u.s. and aid by the european union, there could be an impact on the global energy crisis. >> let me ask you a question. we mentioned last month china with that bad economic report and then run on currency, peop
issues. this is the energy department's largest clean up anywhere in the united states. trying to take those 56 million-gallons of radioactive sludge that were in underground tanks. they are trying to turn that into solid glass. it is a massive project. how does this work? >> well the 17 self-tanks are distributed over quite a few square miles with an intricate net of pumps and pipes. when it is pumped to facility that i was previously supporting, we would then treat that waste chemically to get some of the more dangerous constituents out of it and then after we had treated it chemically we would put it into a melter with glass heat it up to high temperatures. >> the tanks that were underground were beginning to leak. they were old and the danger was some of them were fairly close to the colombia river and there is fear that somehow some of that radioactive material could get into the river. >> it is a fear based on reality. the single shell tanks which were actually decommissioned in the 40s and 50s, those tanks are known to have been leaking into the environment for years. we have co
of their energy supplies and actually we have seen a significant recession in european leadership over the last ten to 20 years. but we need to act and we need to speak up in favor of the people who are now being overtaken in crimea by vladimir putin's army, his military. and i worry and -- in conclusion i say it's time we woke up about vladimir putin. it's time that this administration got real. and it's also time for us to worry about what vladimir putin will do on eastern ukraine on the pretext that somehow disorder and demonstrations might require russian presence. and my friends, if we allow mr. putin to assert his authority over these areas because of russian-speaking people, that message is not lost on poland, where there's russian population, on romania, on latvia, estonia, lithuania and moldova, and we are on the verge possibly of seeing a move to reassert the old russian empire, which is mr. putin's lifelong ambition. madam president, i've overstayed my time. i thank my colleague from alabama and i yield the floor. the presiding officer: madam president? the presiding officer: the sen
. the department of energy opened the facility in 1999, to house the by-product of nuclear weapons. it has hazmat gloves, suits, and is supposed to entomb the materials for 10,000 years. that is until the year 11,999 ad. if, as reports reports suggest, the place has failed, that means it failed before it reached a quarter of 1% of its life span. i spoke with an academic, and he described a warren of panels. at the end of the horizontal shafts in the rooms the size of a football field, barrels of radioactive trash sits on pallets. over the cores of years, they are supposed to collapse. it's not clear how radiation might have gotten loose. the site was chosen for geological stability. it makes for a handy material. there's no groundwater to speak of in next coe. as described to me, there is a tremendous amount of monitoring equipment, the workers are in close proximity and would be exposed if there was a leak. this is a unique facility. nowhere else in the world is there a permanent resting place. a deep repository. this is a place where the planning and resources were gathered in one place and bro
at all. the general assembly voted in favor of letting the company count nuclear energy research toward its costs. because of that, dominion can deduct about $400 million from its profits. according to the "washington post," that extra money would have gone to customers. bill supporters say customers will benefit in the long run because nuclear power is cheaper. virginia governor terry mcauliffe has not said if he'll sign this legislation. >>> developers who want to turn an open parking lot into a multilevel garage in spotsylvania county -- actually the county wants to use the lot for a new vre train station in crossroads business park off route 17, u.s. route 17. the train station is supposed to open sometime next year. developers believe the parking garage would attract more businesses because of its location to the rail line. spotsylvania county said it understands the interest, but plans to move forward with just the parking lot right now. >>> 4:40 now. how would you like a free cab ride this weekend? the company halo is offering a free ride weekend. they're doing it in honor of a s
and offered general goals on taxes, trade, energy, and regulatory curves. pointing outl keep the upbeat economic outlook. >> let me jump in. we know congressional hearings on the budget again next week, including one wednesday with the finance committee chairman wyden. >> talking about breathing room for more -- he is new to the tax-writing panel. he has his own ideas about tax policy. again, it is a forum for airing ideas about the broader economy. you want be seeing the summit -- their democrats be doing own budget plan. the field the december agreement .ut the spending caps in place the republicans will do their own plan, which will contrast with the administration's blueprint. house republicans met and talked about alternatives to the health care law. next week, there is a bill scheduled. what about the bill and what is the current republican strategy? >> they obviously still object to obamacare. i think they have moved away from trying to repeal it. now they are going after individual pieces. the measure coming up next week has the same effect the bill the house passed has. it draw
,000,000,000 in energy subsidies to the ukraine because those subsidies are likely to be taken away because of an imf package. there is a real fear of what an imf loan package means, a structural adjustment package, huge cuts to the poorest in society to the sort we saw in greece and elsewhere, future unrest and the u.s. is quite a wear that when countries go down the road of imf loans, you can get even more unrest. another interesting thing about that energy subsidy is a lot of that money is going to end up in moscow because it's moscow who sells much of ukraine its fuel. in washington, they are quite a wear they are giving potentially a billion dollars to moscow. >> just how far is the u.s. supposed to go in supporting ukraine? at what point is it going to run up against opposition in congress? >> there is a lot of -- a lot of support for financial aid and financial loans to ukraine. however, the senate majority leader, harry reid said let's keep an idea on what europe wants. this is mainly a european issue. if europe isn't all for sanctions -- and they are not because they are scared of losing al
will join us to talk about the future of energy when we return in just a moment. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. predibut, manufacturings a prettin the united states do. means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done. >>> welcome back to "squawk box," everybody. i'm becky quick. we have your morning headlines today. mt. gox filed for bankruptcy protection. that announcement came at a tokyo news conference at which mt. gox ceo apologized for the bitcoin exchange's problems. he said mt. gox may have lost nearly $500 million because of bitcoins because of a hacking into their system. wow. >> you pulled a sorkin. >> i know. i saw you catch me. >> is that what it's going to be called, a sorkin. >> skip the name. >> skip the name. say ceo. what difference does it ma
. the republicans are planning to roll out their own budget and offered general goals on taxes, trade, energy, and regulatory curves. democrats will keep pointing out the upbeat economic outlook. >> let me jump in. we know congressional hearings on the budget again next week, including one wednesday with the finance committee chairman ron wyden. >> talking about breathing room for more -- he is new to the tax-writing panel. he has his own ideas about tax policy. again, it is a forum for airing ideas about the broader economy. you want be seeing the summit -- senate democrats be doing their own budget plan. the field the december agreement put the spending caps in place. the republicans will do their own plan, which will contrast with the administration's blueprint. >> house republicans met and talked about alternatives to the health care law. next week, there is a bill scheduled. what about the bill and what is the current republican strategy? >> they obviously still object to obamacare. i think they have moved away from trying to repeal it. now they are going after individual pieces. the mea
, isolated location names and license really ought other countries for energy and water supplies, while luxury fashion makes it a pricey city for clothes. it rose six spots in this year's ranking. yen saw tokyo fall to sixth place, and caracas raucous, geneva, and melbourne. many living ine asian cities are in the top 10. new york claimed the vote defensive title for north america, but fell to 26 overall. paris charges the highest average price for a liberal natural -- liter of petrol. the french capital is beholden to the cheapest bottles of wine. benjamin netanyahu is readying his speech to the biggest row israel lobby in washington. president told u.s. barack obama he will never compromise on israel posse purity. israel's security. the u.s. president hiked up the pressure, saying it would be harder to protect israel if these efforts with the palestinian's failed. meeting face-to-face coming yards and to make the decisions needed to salvage the peace process. >> some decisions are going to have to be made, but i know that the prime minister will make those decisions based on his estim
program and washington said it should be allowed to produce energy. mr. obama will hold a similar meeting with the president in two weeks. orthodox jews were in west jerusalem over the weekend. they were protesting a law being debated in the israeli parliament with men to be drafted into military service and orthodox jews have been exempt and they want to keep it that way. >> it's important to tell the state of isreal that we are opposed to their political philosophies that we feel that the contribution that the elements of society are making will help the army and through our contributions and the religious spectrum we are arm and arm with the army, helping the state of israel. >> reporter: the new legislation is expected to pass in the next few weeks. ultra orthodox jews makeup 10% of israel's population. a california state lawmaker facing corruption charges says he is taking a paid leave of absence and he is accused of accepting about 100,000 in bribes including meals and golf games in exchange for his political influence. he is pleading not guilty. and he is the second california sta
is announcing a $1 billion energy subsidy package. moscow amid worries that was ready to stretch its military rich further into the mainland. your reaction? guest: is a good sign the tangible support. it is important to remember that the united states along with russia and great written in 1994 -- in great britain in 1994 made certain assurances to the ukraine, and russia is now in violation. they need to respond to support ukraine and look for ways to in allies russia until they cease military action. host: president vladimir putin back, but saides that russia reserves the right to protect russians in the country and he accused the u.s. of encouraging an unconstitutional he hopes russia will not need to use force in predominantly russian-speaking eastern ukraine . guest: there is a certain irony there. first of all, president vladimir when the agreement was signed, the russian representative refused to witness it. .here is a certain irony it has not been carried out because viktor yanukovych fled to russia. host: let's start with mario in connecticut on the line for democrats. good m
on russian energy. the u.s. called a halt, but there's a question over existing ties. the u.s. imports $27 billion worth of russian goods and exports $11 billion. the u.s. barack obama is considering sanctions against russian officials, including asset feeses and visa bans. rory challands joins us live from moscow. we are outlining the options. hearing - we have lost the connection to rory. apologies for that. we'll move on for now. not everyone in crimea is happy with russia's increased involvement. we have a report on the fears of the tatar population and their problems with the ethnic russian population. >> this has been the loudest criticism of russia's military take over of the crimea since it began last friday. most of the women are crimean tatars, a well organised educated minority horrified by the intervention. >> i'm afraid. i see that people are afraid. i see the fear in their eyes. we can feel that -- we cann feel that we are safe. >> the edge of town may be a greater place to agitate. >> this is a clear sign that not everyone in crimea thinks that this has been a liberation. in
's a tomb. the department of energy opened it to house the by-products of nuclear weapons, research and production. it's supposed to entomb those materials, transuranic waste for 10,000 years, until the year 11,999 ad. if, as reports suggest, the place failed, it has failed already it reached even a quarter of 1% of its total life span. i spoke with an academic who visited the facility and he described a group of panels, six rooms the size of football fields. at the end barrels of radioactive trash sits on pallets and over the course of 75 years of the ceilings are supposed to collapse, burying the barrels for all time. it's not clear how radiation may have gotten loose. the site was chosen for its geological ability. there's no groundwater. there's salt in the soil. the workers are in close proximity to the radioactive nearly, they'd quickly be exposed. this is a unique facility, nowhere else is there a permanent centralized resting place, a deep geological repost itry. this is a place where the planning and resources the federal government were gathered in one place. unfortunatel
ukraine has a very high energy subsidies. it pays a fifth of the import price. energy has to rise as well. that's really, really important. it is important for getting rid of corruption. other bits are likely to be stabilization. that's the good news. the final bit is banking sector reform. the exchange rate when it weakens will credit a big hole and that one needs to be filled. >>> take a look at this, would you? is this the future of aviation? investors behind this giant airship believe it could revolutionize oil exploration to disaster relief operations. it will be able to lift 50 tons of cargo. it has been sold back to the british firm. it has won the financial backing of one of britain's most success rock stars as richard wescott has been finding out. >> reporter: inside britain's big of aircraft hangar, something is growing. beating into life the world's longest flying machine. looks like an airship, but it isn't because it doesn't float. what you can see from here is that unique shape. it's actually designed more like a wing than a traditional airship so it can generate lift. air s
europe want to be as dependent upon russian energy? that gas pipeline going through ukraine, providing a huge amount of the heating fuel for western europe. is the united states going to think differently about exporting oil, about exporting more gas in the future to supply our allies abroad. >> john buss, live with us. thank you very much. >> eninvestors reacting reactina big way. causes chaos. early trading dow was down a couple hundred points. analysts believe the cries is putting investor risk-taking on hold. the ruble is all time low against the dollar. gold and u.s. government bonds are doing very well. safe spots. so people are putting these in other places, a flight to safety sends you there in russia, president putin's military amibitions are having economic consequences. the main index there plummeted at the end of trading today, 13%. impossible to predict how the crisis we play out. >> in other news, developments in the case of justin pelletier, that teenage girl on whom we have been reporting, doctors took her from her family. court victories for the parents and now we're h
of resources, particularly of energy and very particularly of natural gas. here in the united states we use a lot of natural gas but it's domestically produced. europe saw about a 10% spike in natural gas prices. about 40% of the natural gas schooled in europe comes from russia and goes through appliance that go through the ukraine. europe has been trying to diversify the source of gas supply for quite some time but hasn't been able to do it. russia controls the amount of natural gas that goes into europe. germany has a lot of factories. natural gas is not just for heating, it generates electricity which these factories use. if there was a sustained increase in the price of gas or if russia were to shut down the natural gas flow you would see the real problem in europe which is why europe may not be as keen to impose sanctions on russia as america is. >> worries of retaliation there. ali velshi host of "real money," thanks for being with us. >> okay joie. >> anxiety hit ordinary ukrainians and hard. the local currency is losing value, no bread, no eggs, only expensive imported italian spagh
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utility industry by building battery packs for energy storage. the stock rose about 14% today to $248. look at this chart over the past 14 months the stock is up 650%. >>> and even more good news for tesla. "consumer reports" says tesla's model s sedan was the best overall car, bar none. it scored a 99 out of 100 by the magazine's reviewers. the best auto brands, lexus was number one again follow by accura then out audi. toyota and subaru were tide for fourth place. jeep at the bottom of the list. >>> how investment capital is hoping to shake up the insurance industry. that's next. >>> more big job cuts coming to the nation's biggest bank, jp morgan chase now plans to eliminate 8,000 workers as businesses at its mortgage and retail banking divisions continues to shrink. that number is double the number of cuts that had been announced, and it comes on top of more than 16,000 layoffs that took place just last year. >>> finally tonight, venture capital getting into health insurance. in the second part of our series, insurance upstarts. bertha coombs takes a look at the story. >> reporter
of energy, saying the employees tested positive after a leak. elevated radiation levels were detected at the plant. authorities say it's too low to be a health threat. >> to ukraine - the leaders of ousted president viktor yanukovych are poised to take the reins. not everyone backed the new leadership. those divisions were clear on the streets of crimea reason, fights between pro-russian demonstrators and the supporters. russia is conducting drills near the bodder. but they say it is not related to what is happening in kiev. any military action would be a grave speak. ukraine's parliament decided whether to approve the interim government. they were announced in kiev. tim friend is in kiev. >> in a freezing independence square, the politicians would be forced to consult the people who believe they have achieved a resolution in ukraine. for those pitching to be part, this is more than symbolic. some cheers and a few cheers for the leader of yulia tymoschenko fathership party. >> translation: it's sufficient. people are united, together. the most important thing is they are engaged in th
closed higher. hong kong's hang seng index climbed to a one-month high. heavyweight energy firms rose sharply. meanwhile tokyo's nikkei fell for a second straight session. currencies now, the dollar dropped below that 102 yen level. as you can see trading at 101.80-84. market players are shifting their money into the japanese currency which sauchb bought in times of heightened risk. meanwhile traders are waiting to hear what the u.s. federal reserve chair janet yellen will say at her testimony to the senate committee later in the day. looking at the euro bottom of the screen, 139.03-06. yen is also being bought against the single currency. >>> australia's qantas airways says it's going to cut 5,000 jobs or 15% of its payroll as it struggles with higher costs. the australian flag carrier posted a loss of about $210 million u.s. dollars for the six months through december 2013. executives at the airline site higher fuel costs caused by the weak australian currency. qantas announced streamlining worth $1.8 billion over the next three years. the airliner will slash 5,000 jobs. it's also g
's not alone. >> hopefully put some good energy into the world and get something back. >> this club has been around for years and several dozen former members are now working. aljazeera, new york. >> to learn more about job clubs and how they can help you, go to our website >> in an hour, we'll get the latest reading on economic growth. governments to slash estimates for 2013. consumers cutting back on their spending. the slowdown in the global economy taking its toll on exports. >> the strength in u.s. manufacturing's going to have to come domesticically. we're not going to see exports grow as strongly as the fourth quarter of 2013, putting strain on manufacturing, along with the turn in the u.s. inventory cycle. >> we'll have the gross domestic product report four in our next hour here on aljazeera america. >> wall street is pointing to a lower open ahead of data, dow futures down 22 points. fed chair janet yellen soothing economy concerns yesterday gave stocks a lift, the dow beginning at 16,272, the s&p beginning with a new record high, 1854 and the nasdaq at 431
? shorter refueling times. private women fits -- benefits account for 92% of the benefits in energy efficient standards, and 70% energy efficiency standards for refrigerators. the private benefit accounting is a claim depriving consumers of preferred choices would make them better off. benefits like fuel savings are worth more to consumers than realized. to exclude regulations from analysis based on faulty and misleading benefits analysis would only encourage distortion. the identified burdensome new mandates for the parties that have to bear the burden. you see that company bears the burden, that cost gets passed on directly to consumers. so this quote-unquote private benefits that you're going to get more benefit than you thought would you get or see, doesn't offis the the cost they do see coming out of their paycheck when gasoline's more expensive, groceries are more expensive, electricity is more expensive. often parties who pay the cost of these regulations are not the same parties that actually enjoy the benefits. even if a rule is predicted to have a net benefit impacted enco
to broaden this conflict into those regions which are on the transit suits then we could see energy prices in europe. >> reporter: it depends on russia natural gas and infrastructure of pipes that brings it in from russia and through the ukraine. europe tried to diversify a way by divesting in pipelines to the caspean sea and africa and gas fields in norway but growth for natural gas will eat up much of the new potential supply. >> europe is primarily still pipeline gas market because the domestic supply from these critical producers are declining that really the pipeline supplies that will be available for europe will be largely from russia gas. >> reporter: european leaders understand this and they are calling for dialog with not sanctions against russia. >> reporter: the throat of economic sanctions is taking a toll on the currency and hit a record low on monday. 36.37 rubels against the dollar. we will continue following the events in ukraine as they unfold. in our next hour we will get the russian perspective from a former advisor to the kremlin and you can get up to the minute info
talking about this. they'll be having so much energy production and the possibility for electric energy storage possibilities in terms of either mobility, taking that and putting it somewhere or taking some of the energy that they're developing and then sending that to the grid. i mean, a lot of possibilities there, andrew. >> okay. phil, thanks for that. tesla story, every week there's a new tesla story, apple. fascinating. fascinating. >> 0 to 60 in how many seconds on that thing? it is incredible, right? >> yes. >> how fast? >> joe, when you buy -- i don't know the exact number. 0 to 60 is well under 3.5 seconds. that's because you get the instant torque, joe. >> i drove the smaller one. you couldn't fit into it. >> what are you talking about? >> the really small one. that little two seater. >> the model s. >> the two seater. >> you're 6'6". >> joe, you're mixing up. the model s, if you're a tall person you can fit into the model s. >> what's the sedan we see all the time? >> that's the model s. >> the roadster which is not around anymore. they don't build the roadster anymore. >> no
it could wipe out the citrus energy. >> life turning to art. after tv news trashed, how much is untrue. >> a game of poker unfolding. president obama ordered the pentagon to plan for the withdrawal of u.s. troops in afghanistan by the end of this year. it's the latest u.s. response to hamid karzai's refusal to sign a security agreement. the u.s. state department ordered three venezuela diplomats to leave the country in response to nicolas maduro's movements last week. >> arizona governor jan brewer has until saturday to decide on a bill some call antigay, allowing business owners to deny service to anyone based on religion group. it was passed by the legislature on thursday. >> to a story attracting nation-wide, world-wide attention, from uganda. as we've been telling you, an antigay bill sign understood law in uganda. this was the cover of a popular newspaper, permitting the names of the top 200 gays. it raised fears of antigay violence and a witch hunt. most gay people have started to fully uganda fearing for their lives. >> joining us from los angeles, is a uganda gay actor, known f
steps to reform the economy principally in the energy sector, to merit the loans from the international community. >> ambassador, it's good to have you on the program, thanks very much for your insight. >> thank you very much. >> coming up. how a united nations official is describing a refugee camp in syria. >>> the army punishes hundreds of soldiers after a sexual assault review. >> plus drowt relief, california getting so much rain and needed rain, needed for farmers but too much of a good thing could be bad. >> now to charges of misconduct within the u.s. military. hundreds of soldiers disqualified from sensitive positions after being linked to a series of infractions. john terret here. john. >> members of the military who have been charged with helping fellow soldiers, coping with sexual harassment and rape. the number of personnel disqualified from counseling far higher than it had previously acknowledged. >> last summer, the army said it was disqualifying, from child abuse and drunk driving that was after an initial review ordered by defense secretary chuck hagel. after almost a y
states will then have to submit all policies on energy, climate, shaping the market. if these policies contribute to bolstering europe's economic strength or not. european policies are to improve the framework for initiative, innovation, entrepreneurship and employment. this means that we need to cut unnecessary red tape at the european level that hampers our companies in germany just as in the united kingdom. we always have to measure up with the best of them in the world. therefore, european rules and regulations need to be subject to regular reviews just national rules and regulations. should they prove to be superfluous, they have to be scrapped. this is why we have seen to it that the european commission finally takes the issue of better regulation seriously and acts on it. the european commission may only regulate where member states have not passed sufficient regulations themselves. the principal needs to be respected more in europe. it is in this spirit that britain and germany ought to set priorities for the work of the future commission together with our partners. we are grat
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and thunderstorms, gusts up to 60 miles per hour, enough energy in the lower atmosphere to twist a little. so we could see some waterspouts becoming coastal tornados. weak but something pretty wild. and rain, almost all day on saturday, too. so here's the deal. you put four to six inches of rain very quickly, i mean an inch an hour at times on the mountains, you're going to pick up close to a half foot in places like glendora, california, where they have had a fire recently, that's going to be an issue and that's where we find david wright this morning. >> reporter: good morning, ginger. this neighborhood just survived those winter wild fires a couple of weeks ago. now they're nervous about possible mudslides. as you can see the whole place looks like a fortress here bracing for what may come. it's california's worst drought in 150 years and the rains are coming. about to pose serious problems of their own. >> one thing after another. the fire was one thing but we've got another one right behind it. >> reporter: some areas that faced wildfires last month are now bracing for mudslides. >> a lot o
russia to europe, and europe gets an awful lot of its energy from russia via that pipeline. now for the russians, it's not just economic. it's not geopolitical. it is cultural. this is the birthplace of the russian state. this is where the russians began or what would eventually become the russians began their campaign to free themselves from the monguls back in centuries ago. so there is a cultural tie there. this all comes back in many ways to this fight between the west and the east. and there is just very strong sentiment from vladimir putin in particular, that he wants to re-establish an eurasiaen power, with a political system. this territory. this patch of ground is just located in such an area, tony, that it is fought over for centuries, and it remains a question whether it's european or russian. >> thank you. we'll bring that into sharp relief in just a moment. phil ittner for us in russia. and we'll look at how the ukraine history is effecting the current crisis. >> before we take a look at the peninsula, let's look at centuries ago. long holding influence over the ent
. energy costs soaring for many americans across the country. richelle carey is here with the very tough news. >> i know, it keeps getting worse john, this brutal winter has heat up all across the country. and the cost keeps rising, no matter what kind of heat you use. >> propane, natural gas, are higher, temperatures plunging demand for heating oil has soared, reaching new highs in some areas. >> last couple of years, consumers have been lulled into a safety net. this winter has hit with a bang. so consumers really weren't prepared for it. >> the residential price for propane is up 30% from a year ago. 5.5 million homes use propane. natural gas has jumped more than 20%. according to the census bureau about afl of u.s. households use natural gas as their home heating method. the bottom line, the average heating bill for an american family last year was $150. this year it is closer to $450. these increases are common in winter bit this has been an exceptionally cold season affecting so much of the country. the prices are under even more pressure. >> it really can't go on for much longer.
said that they had agreed to protect key installations. among these are nuclear plants, nuclear energy plants, which now will have increased security as a result of events down in the south in crimea. of course, there's also been incidents in the east of the country where there is equally a pro russian sympathy movement which has been attacking pro european so they are the key points from the press conference, from the head of security here in kiev. interestingly in his list, number two, is simply marked secret. >> very briefly, you mentioned unrest. i wondered if there were any obvious signs that unrest against the new interim government in kiev is spreading from the crimea to eastern ukraine. both areas, of course, dominated by ethnic russians. >> indeed, and we have seen violence in donets and kharkiv where pro-russian sympathizers went into a building where pro-european supporters demonstrated for some days. they dragged them out. people were beaten. there were more than 50 injured. this is a very real fear if kiev that the people in the east will be emboldened by events in crimea
of financial transparency and accountability and end expensive government energy subsidies. >> we will complete all the conditions. i repeat, all the conditions, that are necessary for this loan. >> managing director of the imf christine la guard says there's no need for panic. adding the imf and others including the united states who are ready to help ukraine need time to assess the state of the finances, joy. >> and finally, help from little ukraine. >> we are really helping people to get what they want. >> from tips to prayers, we tryst new york visit the new al jazeera america. >> finally in our special programming now, new york's east village is well-known for its vibrant fight life but also home for tens of thousands of ukrainians who have migrated there over the past century. christof putzel reports, they worry about their home land but also the family and friends that are still there. >> it is a chilly friday night in manhattan's east village. these these ukrainians are mix ing mixing drinks with politics. working to support ukrainian nationalism from abroad. >> we are together because
that it could be a matter of days. the u.s. announces $1 billion in economic aid and energy as part of the response to the russian aggression. president obama kept all eyes on ukraine pledging for support. secretary of state john kerry will meet with his russian counterparts in paris tomorrow. >> the poles close in texas, democratic state senator wendy davis and attorney-general greg abbott will go head to head. jordan davis is the first female candidate in 25 years. for the first time in three decades democrats say they believe they can turn texas blue. mardi gras comes to a close in new orleans, the biggest celebrations. crowds smaller this year. rain, cold weather, putting a damp on the event. >> those are the headlines. "america tonight" is next. to heights that you won't believe as residents ride out of the neighborhood. >> we're here today to say that the city, the tech industry, needs to work more to stop it. >> and growing out of t when autistic children become adults. the
exploration quote "could be a death sentence for many marine mammals." in other energy news, opponents of the keystone xl pipepine are gearing up for a series of protests in washington this weekend. over 1,000 students and youth will march from georgetown university to the white house. over 300 of the participants are expected to risk arrest in a sit-in outside the gates. organizers say it will likely be the largest youth sit-in on the environment in a generation. consumer advocates at the environmental working group are warning that a chemical used to make yoga mats and flip flops can now be found in more than 500 food items. the chemical azodicarbonamide is often used in bread, croutons, pre-made sandwiches and snacks made by brands including pillsbury, nature's own, sara lee, kroger and little debbie. the restaurant chain subway recently announced it was phasing out the use of the chemical after an online campaign. the chemical is not approved for food use in australia and europe. and fernando gonzalez, one of the members of the cuban five has been released after mother 15 years beh
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or the naaqs provisions do? i mean, you're dealing with regulation of energy usage, right, as opposed to emissions of lead, emissions of the other naaqs provisions? >> well it's one thing we're doing the main thing now is significant energy efficiency, for example, different kinds of turbines. different kinds of processes, that sort of thing. that's right. >> the same sort of thing as with, for domestic uses, the energy-efficient light bulbs? >> well, i really don't think this is about light bulbs, mr. chief justice. >> no, but my point is it relates to energy consumption as opposed to particulate emission. >> at the at the moment that's largely true, not entirely true. there are some other technologies described. but of course the epa is considering and scientists are trying to develop additional control technologies like carbon capture technologies. and that's the whole point of best available control technology, is as technology advances and better options come online, that allow for even greater control of the pollutants, the statute requires that they be incorporated. that's how
river until testing. they urge residents not to eat from the river, either. a duke energy power plant leaked more than 80,000 tons of sludge into the river. the federal government is launching a criminal investigation now into the spill. >> there have been huge strides made in the battle against childhood obesity, our children slimming down. >> we're talking about preschool age kids. >> that's right, toddlers, kindergarteners, kids ages two to five. it's a significant age group, because doctors say children who are overweight that young are more likely to be overweight as duties. let's show you the strides made in the last decade. obesity rates for children dropped 43% from 14% 10 years ago to about 8% between 2011 and 2012. food and health activists are praising the progress. >> what's amazing is that it seems like some of the initiatives happening are actually working. whether that's parents buying and serving food to their children or early intervention, things like breastfeeding and the reduction of sugary drinks are actually working, which is great news for the whole country. >>
're talking about cereals to energy drinks. companies have two years to put them into effect. >> this makes so much sense, because so many of us have been looking at portion sizes. nobody eats two cookies. >> nobody. >> it's going to cost money. >> it is estimated $2 billion to do this changeover. >> all this coming when we have a major obesity epidemic. >> one third of adults are obese. that is a serious number. the end goal is to inform the public. >> you asked me if i read the labels. i didn't always. i still do. thanks a lot. >> arizona's governor vetoing that controversial bill over gay rights. the pressure put on her to reject the measure. >> ecrane's ousted pressure making a plea to russia, asking moscow to lend a helping hand. >> there are new rules put in place for this year's boston marathon, the steps being taken to make sure people are safer in the wake of last year's bombing. >> can a soccer ball change the world? >> literally, hundreds of millions of children every single day have nothing more than a rock to play with. >> find out how one man's vision became a reality that has im
's a different kind of energy. it has the town live and ready. >> now the question on everyone's mind, can wichita state go all the way. >> no one would ever in their right mind say we're going to be at 30-0 at some point this season. >> the basketball team is clearly successful, but the university itself is feeling what they call the final four effect. according to the school's president, applications for enrollment are up 86% from last year. we saw the same thing happen to butler a few years back. it's a good time to be a shockers fan because the women's team is also doing very well. >> that's impressive. you clearly haven't been watching the show this morning. >> my fault. >> i do love you, though. it's okay. >> they have this guy on this team that has a ridiculous vertical. >>> there she is waving at us out there in hollywood. on the red carpet which she is well suited to be on. >> you're the small guard. >> i wasn't a super small guard because of my girth, but i was a small guard. we've been talking about the rain, but the whole reason we're out here in california is talk about the os
narrator: there's something positive being generated in california. when ordinary energy is put in the hands of extraordinary people, amazing things happen. the kind of things that drive us to do more, to go further, to be better. we're dedicated to being a company you can count on, because you've always been customers we believe in. your energy plus ours. together, there's no limit to what we can achieve. >>> a lot of fast moving developments unfolding now. we're going to try to attempt to put some of this into context. it's a complex situation, put in the words of the former u.s. ambassador to russia. it's a dire situation right now. let's bring in the director for russian studies from georgetown. thanks very much for joining us. i know you've met with president putin some ten times. you've got a new book entitled the limits of partnership, u.s. russian relations in the 21st century that just came out. what do you make of what's going on in ukraine right now, specifically putin's latest moves threatening direct military intervention? >> the main goal for putin is to protect ru
a fortune in the energy sector in the 1990s. her reputation is tainted. she's a controversial figure. >> i remember watching a video of her coming out in her wheelchair. thousands were screaming. is it a choice of the less of of two evils, yulia tymoschenko, and viktor yanukovych, or are the people rallying behind her. people seemed to have generous support for her. >> certainly she is charismatic and is a populous. >> she knows what it tell people to get them revved up. >> yes. it's no accident the image is hot. she want the people to win people with her charisma. viktor yanukovych wanted to win people with the iron fit. >> charisma versus the in fist. thank you eileena, professor at fordham university. >> back in the u.s. officials in montana issued an avalanche advisory. police and firefighters going door to door because an up to came together when an avalanche barrelled down a mountain. >> reporter: practically an entire town comes out when word spread that an 8-year-old boy and elderly couple was buried by an avalanche. >> they told us. >> there was a bunch of fire trucks. we were cu
banks, oil companies, energy companies, and that's when you start talking about real money. russia's trade, russia's very economy is dependent on access to the international finance system, its trade with europe. again europe lose as lot and that's why you're seeing opposition from the germans and british and others to more significant sanctions that have already been put on the table by the u.s. >> jim, educate our viewers. how common is it for a country that has in sanctions imposed upon it to take the retaliatory step of seizing the asset, confiscating the assets of private companies. >> well, listen. it's happened. you know the expert in seizing assets i suppose you would say is the u.s. this is a tactic the u.s. has used in a number of instances. iran being the most recent one. unfreezing those iranian assets is part of this nuclear deal or unfreezing a portion of the frozen assets is part of the deal. so, you know, if you get down that path, it certainly happened before. but, you know, i think that it does show that, you know, it's a hard thing to control just like on the gro
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